Under Gear
See hot male models in their under gear

What do we mean when we say under gear.
Under gear can be anything men or women wear under their clothes. It can also be swim wear because swim wear is related so closely to under gear.

The focus of this site is the under gear men wear in all it's forms but for the most part we will be talking about, featuring photos of and dealing with our under gear fetish as it applies to men who wear sexy skimpy fun under gear and swim wear.
Will will offer male models wearing thong under gear,
Male models wearing g-string under gear, guys who are into wearing sheer under gear, men who wear fetish under gear, these include penis stretchers, ball stretchers, under gear that only covers the shaft, under gear that only covers the balls and extreme
designs including under gear that is designed to turn a man into a women. This type of under gear is called male transformation wear.
We will have hard to find links to sites guys into under gear will love.

This site is for anyone gay straight, sissy, macho, bi
you name it including you girls interested in guys and their under gear.  Come check us out bookmark our FREE site and share it with your friends.

All photos courtesy of
insane men’s extreme fetish, fun wear, men’s lingerie
and the finest in spandex swim wear.
All designs created by Michael David
For Koala
We thank them for giving us access to tons of great photos and for creating some of the most amazing under gear I have ever seen.
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